Celebrating the cold season muscle pain free!

Winter is right around the corner and so is the cold weather. Most of us look forward to the winter chill because this means warm coats, cozying up by the fireplace and holidays, however for some of us the season brings about more than just the chills.

Those of us who suffer from bone, muscle aches or nerve pain usually tend to feel it more intensely as the weather get colder and gloomier. There are a few reasons this occurs. Barometric pressure, something we all have heard about yet knows very little about is said to be a culprit. Barometric pressure is the pressure that air puts forth in our surrounding environment. The pressure puts a strain on the expansion and the contraction of tissues and fluids in our body. A drop in pressure allows tissues to expand and fill the space, already sensitive or inflamed tissues swell even more and cause increased pain.

Some researchers believe that seasonal increase in pain is linked to what experts call SAD or seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression. Because our brain is a powerful mechanism that has an impact on everything that has to do with our bodies, seasonal depression can cause us to have dropped in serotonin, which it had to make us feel sluggish, less blood flow and the stiffer and sadder we get, the achier we feel.

A third and perhaps the most explanatory reason for our winter aches and pains is the fact that we like to keep warm! When we are indoors we turn up that heat so our muscles and bones feel relaxed, once we step outside they contract rapidly due to the cold also causing less blood flow and therefore feeling more muscle pain.

This can be extremely tedious especially to those with previous muscle injuries or surgeries, yet none of us want to spend all winter taking painkillers. With the idea of staying healthy, this season why not try a topical muscle pain reliever that is effective, easy to use and has no side effects. Cramp911 has been trusted by athletes for sports-related injuries and is available for everyone to use instead of a prescription or even over the counter medication.

The popular topical solution relieves muscle pain on contact and works on different types of pain especially the uncomfortable aching caused by the cold weather.

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