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Formulated with your needs in mind and trusted by over 400,000 users,
Cramp911 is the perfect solution for your muscle cramps and spasms


Cramp911 0.15 Fl Oz. (4.5ml)
30 To 40 Applications



Cramp911 0.71 Fl Oz (21ml)
150 – 200 Applications


Benefits Using Cramp911


Easy to use roll-on applicator
United States medical trends indicate that people are turning away from oral medications in favor of topical medications


Can be applied at bedtime or before activity or athletic event to prevent cramping or muscle tightness after workouts*


Approved FDA homeopathic ingredients (Magnesium and Copper)


Relief starts in as little as 15 seconds*


Patients have reported up to 8 hours of muscle pain relief*


Does not interact with other medications

Product Guarantee

We are committed to providing a top-quality product to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with Cramp911 for any reason, please hit the guarantee button and follow the instructions depending on where you made your purchase.

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Muscle Cramp Lotion Applications

neck pain (1)

Apply to the neck plus the upper back from the spinal column out to the shoulder blade and to the bottom of the shoulder blade. The muscle on one side will usually feel tighter than the opposite side if the pain is on one side only.

Neck Spasms


Occasionally, the muscle cramp or muscle spasm will not be relieved when Cramp911 is applied directly to the area If that is the case, it will be necessary to apply Cramp911 to the nearest muscle. For example, if the foot or toe is cramping and direct application is not effective, then apply Cramp911 to the front and back of the lower leg and rub in.Similar directions would be used for a hand cramp. Cramp911 would be applied to the forearm and rubbed in.

Foot, Toe And Hand Cramps

tight muscle (1)

Cramp911 can be applied directly to the muscle pull to help relieve muscle tightness and improve mobility.

Tight Muscles And Muscle Injuries

General Instructions

  • Adults and children 12 years and older… remove the outer cap, apply to entire muscle, not just the site of the Leg Cramp or Muscle Spasm, and spread out

  • Repeat application in 15 minutes if needed

  • Be sure to cover the whole muscle, the spasm may be coming from a different area of the muscle NOT where the pain is (please scroll down for anatomy pictures)

  • If no improvement after second application or if symptoms return, see a doctor

  • Close cap tightly. There may be leakage after closing cap from a wicking effect

  • Children under 12 years old consult a doctor

  • Please refer to our FAQ for more detailed information

  • No need to use a lot of Cramp911, a little bit goes a long way. Just one or two swipes is all that is needed. Be sure to spread out over the entire muscle.

Treats And Prevents Leg Cramps – Muscle Cramps – And Discomfort Due To Muscle Tightness

After Before

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Frequently Asked Questions

CRAMP 911 muscle-relaxing lotion is the product of over 10 years of work with patients, athletes, and trainers. It has been reported* to relieve a muscle cramp in as little as 15 seconds after application. There is no other product on the market that works as fast or as completely. CRAMP 911 has been reported to relieve leg cramps, back and neck spasms, and hand, foot, and toe cramps. People with Fibromyalgia have reported up to 8 hours of relief from muscle spasms. It has also been reported* as useful for muscle cramps caused by medications. Other uses have been for muscle soreness and muscle injury. An Independent survey found a 96% satisfaction rating performed by an independent survey company.

*See testimonials for more information.

Yes! Our customers have reported that by applying Cramp911 to problem areas before bed time they are able to prevent leg cramps at night thus providing a full night sleep.

Cramp911 has been reported* to relieve a muscle cramp in as little as 15 seconds after application. One common scenario is that of a football running back that suffered from a leg cramp and was removed from the game. The next series of plays the same player appeared back in the game and was never removed for the duration of the game due to a return of the leg cramp. This observation has been noted in countless occasions with similar as well as other types of activities.

It has been reported* for many people, one treatment will last up to eight hours or longer. It has been reported* Cramp911 will relieve an athletes leg cramp or muscle cramp for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours during the sporting event. If another application is necessary, the application can be repeated one time every 15 minutes.

Cramp911 should be applied directly to the muscle cramp or spasm zone and spread out over the entire muscle. Only a small amount is necessary for results. Cramp911 can be applied during a muscle cramp for relief, and can also be applied to prevent a muscle cramp. It has been reported*
are many people, including athletes, who suffer from nightly leg cramps who apply Cramp911 at bedtime to prevent the onset of a cramp.

It has been reported*, Cramp911 has many uses. These uses have been reported* to include the treatment of muscle cramps and spasms, pulled or tight muscles, Fibromyalgia pain from spasms, multiple sclerosis spasms, toe cramps, foot cramps, and hand cramps, back and neck spasms (headaches resulting from neck tension) and muscle cramp prevention. It has also been reported* to prevent muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise.  It has been reported* Cramp911 is a remedy for muscle cramps and spasms caused from many types of conditions that  including drug side effects, dialysis patientsParkinson’s tremors or any type of muscle spasm condition.

Cramp911 is safe for most people. Pregnant or nursing women should not use it unless directed by a physician. Children under the age of 12 should not use it unless directed by a physician. People with allergies to any of the ingredients or that observe irritation should not use this product. People with circulation problems or diabetes should consult a physician first. Do not use if you have a skin disease.

Magnesia Sulfate 6X H.P.U.S
Cuprum Metallicum 6X H.P.U.S.
Cramp911 is a homeopathic formulation. Homeopathic drug strength is indicated by a number followed by an “X” which stands for a dilution strength of the active ingredient. Read More

Cramp911 is very safe but it is recommended that you ask a doctor for children under the age of 12.


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Cramp911 0.15 Fl Oz. (4.5ml)
30 To 40 Applications



Cramp911 0.71 Fl Oz (21ml)
150 – 200 Applications


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