Gymnastics – Mental and Physical Side Effects of Competitors Including Ongoing Muscle Spasms!

With the Olympics in action this year, we were all glued to the television watching every move someone makes; we can’t help but admire the gymnastics competition due to their intense focus and determination.  While we are admiring this intense competition, one can’t help but wonder about the intense high-stress and high maintenance sport we find so appealing.

Gymnastics can disable a competitor, the physical and emotional state of a competitor must be watched very closely.  Many competitors suffer emotionally and physically from this very exhausting, focused, intense sport.  Although emotional distress is common among gymnasts, it’s quite difficult to detect. However, physical distress is easily detected when one is injured from the visible bruises and obvious complaints of muscle pain and soreness.  Other physical problems in a gymnast can be quite puzzling.  Many gymnasts complain of muscle cramps and muscle spasms that occur unexpectedly and many of them suffer long-term nightly leg cramps, thus disrupting their sleep, which they so desperately need in order to compete and perform better.

The constant straining and over exhausting of muscles during this strenuous sport can have a huge effect on the muscles.  Sometimes it’s important to slow down on the exhausting exercises to minimize the muscle spasms and pain involved.  Gymnasts should be encouraged to hydrate during training routines and exercise routines, regular stretching can help decrease the muscle cramps and pain involved.

One gymnastic instructor at a popular training academy reported an increase in nightly leg cramps among his students; he says “Our muscles are not there just for abuse, it’s important to have a good balance which will minimize the long-term effects”.  A gymnastics instructor that has been around this rigorous sport for over 30 years can lead by example by discussing the various effects of over exhausting the muscles.  Many instructors suffer from muscle cramps themselves and have learned to deal with these unwelcoming painful sessions but relying on proper stretching, regularly rehydrating and the immediate muscle relief found in natural cramp relief formulas sold over the counter.

We’ve all heard the term “No pain no gain”, but it’s important to deal or minimize the pain involved in order to make sure your child or yourself is capable of pushing your muscles to the next level without being disabled by muscle cramps, emotional or physical distress that can stop you from continuing to gain.

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