Cramp911 21ml Large Roll-On Bottle


Product Specification:

✅ Cramp911 Large Roll-On Bottle 21ml or .71oz.
✅ 150 – 200 applications (in a 3 x 9-inch area)
✅ Large Plastic Bottle with a rollerball application
✅ Great Size for Large areas
✅ Use a very small amount to get long-lasting results

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2 -$1.70 $18.25
3-5 -$2.20 $17.75
6-11 -$2.59 $17.36
12+ -$2.99 $16.96

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Product Description:

Cramp911 is a one-of-a-kind muscle relaxer, a treatment for muscle cramps and spasms.

People of all ages use Cramp911 for rapid relief of sudden muscle cramps, but Cramp911 is unique in that is can also be used to prevent leg cramps.

When applied at bedtime or before a sporting event Cramp911 can prevent muscle and leg cramps for up to eight hours.

Cramp911 relieves back and neck pain caused by muscle spasms, and Cramp911 is effective for toe, foot, and hand cramps.

People can get muscle cramps as a side effect of medications such as Statins or PPI antacid medications such as Prilosec, Nexium, etc. Athletes of all ages have had successfully treated leg cramps with Cramp911.


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Product Benefits:


Easy to use roll-on applicator United States medical trends indicate that people are turning away from oral medications in favor of topical medications


Can be applied at bedtime or before activity or athletic event to prevent cramping or muscle tightness after workouts*


Approved FDA homeopathic ingredients (Magnesium and Copper)


Relief starts in as little as 15 seconds*


Patients have reported up to 8 hours of muscle pain relief*


Does not interact with other medications


Steve Elwell


The heat seems to induce muscle cramping in my thighs, esp. when I climb aggressively. I was on my descent down the mountain, where leg turn over is minimal, and the cramps set in hard. I quickly stopped, applied my Cramp911 and INSTANTLY those cramps were gone. Unbelievable! I have spent thousands of dollars going through testing to attempt to determine what causes the cramping during intense exercise for me - with no real success.

Stacey Pekarsky

Liberty Sports Magazine

As athletes, we have all experienced muscle pain, tightness and cramps associated with our sport of choice. Cramp911 offers a fast and safe homeopathic alternative to costly medications. As a life long athlete and back pain suffer, decided to give Cramp911 a try. Application was easy; the lotion was odorless and dried quickly. To my surprise I felt pain relief in under 30 seconds, and it lasted most of the day. Only a small amount was needed and it dries clear so it does not stain your clothes. Read More Liberty Sports Magazine

Chris Lemoine

Martin High School

Last night I had 4 different guys who cramped up. It was crazy. I used the Cramp911 and they were all able to finish the game. One was cramping at multiple areas (hams and quads). It took ice and a lil longer than the others to get em to stop but he finished. Thanks Cramp911. Your a lifesaver.

Matt Bayly

Lafayette College

Cramp911 solution has become Lafayette go-to product when treating leg cramps. We’ve had numerous situations where athletes from all sports have returned to their activity within minutes of application. In addition, it’s been my experience that once the Leg Cramp solution has been applied, most athletes typically do not experience a re-occurrence of cramping during that day’s event.

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