Product Specification:

✅ SoreThroat911 Large Roll-On Bottle 21ml or .71oz.

✅ hundreds of  applications

✅ Large Plastic Bottle with a rollerball application

✅ Great Size for Large all around areas

✅ Apply at the onset of distress i.e. scratchy throat or sore lymph gland


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2 -$1.70 $18.25
3-5 -$2.20 $17.75
6-11 -$2.59 $17.36
12+ -$2.99 $16.96

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Product Description:

SoreThroat911 is a different kind of product for a sore throat, sinus congestion, earache, and swollen glands. SoreThroat911 is a topical roll-on that was developed over ten years ago by the same pharmacist that developed Cramp911. SoreThroat911 uses the same liquid vehicle that allows the medication to penetrate deep into the gland allowing dramatic results. After getting requests from friends, family, medical professionals, and alike for ten years, we decided to finally bring our SoreThroat911 formula to the public for relieving their sore throat and sinus issues.


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Product Benefits:


Allergies cause an inflammation response from the body. That inflammation can eventually cause a blockage whereby an infection is likely to occur. Sore Throat 911 encourages drainage thus reducing the likelihood of such an infection


SoreThroat911 works without drugs and can be used as maintenance to keep sinuses clear.


SoreThroat911 formula encourages to open and drain glands. This amazing formula helps glands drain of congestin and mucous.


After applying SoreThroat 911 you may experience a clearing effect of mucus flowing from the sinus cavity into the throat. When using our topical products you avoid drug interaction.


Starts relieving congestion in as little as 30 minutes *

Burning Sore Throat Reduction

May help reduce duration and the severity of a sore throat and sinus congestion *


Tony P

I was completely surprised when I used Sore Throat 911 for the first time. I was told how well it works for sore throats. I applied it at bedtime as instructed and when I woke up the next morning the sore throat was gone! I have never experienced anything like that before. I keep Sore Throat 911 with me at work in case I feel a sore throat coming on and share it with my co-workers.

Kelly F

Due to my chronic allergy symptoms of post nasal drip turning into a sore throat, I started using throat 911 at the first sign of irritation. Rolling the product onto my nose, throat and upper chest. Throat 911 relieves the sore throat quickly and helps eliminate the dripping nose. I absolutely recommend this product, as I love using products that are homeopathic created and work to alleviate symptoms

Allison G

I am grateful that you let me use your Sore throat medicine for years. It has really helped me. I have not found anything like it. I gave my sore throat medicine to someone in the office whose daughter has had a sore throat for 3 weeks and she used it on Monday, she woke up Wed with no sore throat, first day in 3 weeks she said! Awesome!


I am a student in college. With the stress and long hours and lack of sleep I have become susceptible to getting sick. I didn’t want to go on antibiotics again. I was given Sore Throat 911 for a sore throat to try. It was amazing how fast it worked. The sore throat did not return.

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