Cramp911 – A natural pain relief formula embraced by sport teens, coaches and parents alike

There is nothing more exciting for a teenager than a high school homecoming football game. Whether you are in the stands, cheering on the sidelines or playing the field, the anticipation seems unbearable.

For many towns in the United States, football is not considered just another high school sport, it is a triumphant venture in which a given school can lead a team to victory; underlining star athletes that will go on to hold championship records and domain over others for full-ride scholarships to IV league schools.

Although high school football is thought to be a favorite past time, many medical researchers are agreeing that this sport is nothing less than a brutal beating that young men are putting their bodies through.

In recent years it has even come to propositions and controversy regarding banning high school football as a sport altogether. This may be hard to fathom, considering the game of football is practically instilled into our countries\’ heritage, but researchers are now standing ground that the rate of injuries is harder to ignore.

Studies show that between the ages of 15 and 18, teens\’ bodies are still growing and developing. Although it seems that at a younger age it is easier to heal, repeated injuries, even those that seem minor can prove to be much bigger issues in later years with lingering muscle aches and pains.

In a study done over a 3-year period, results stated that two hundred fifty-one injuries were recorded among a player population of 598, resulting in an injury rate of 42.1% per 100 players. Although this seems like a rather high number, there seems to be no change in the popularity of the sport.

When it comes to injuries, specifically muscle injuries, they can be debilitating and also take longer to heal. Many parents are concerned when they are faced with giving their teen’s heavy doses of painkillers after a muscle injury. Not only can painkillers be very addictive to teens and young adults but they also have adverse side effects that young bodies may not be able to handle on a daily basis. Such effects can range from stomachaches to headaches, fatigue, dependency and even depression.

High school sports coaches have taken notice, many of them rely on topical natural muscle relief formulas themselves for aches and pains.  They\’ve endured the same muscle traumas during their coaching careers.  These coaches do not promote painkillers and pills for obvious reasons, but many of them have shared their own experience with using a roll-on topical solution for muscle spasms with the parents, which gives them an alternative option and a way to relieve the aches and muscle pain their young teens are experiencing without the intake of medication.

The popularity of this natural solution has grown tremendously due to its natural ingredients and immediate results.  Cramp911 was developed by Keith DelPrete as a natural muscle spasm relief formula, it\’s not uncommon to walk into a gymnasium or a local gym and notice someone applying this topical formula to feel relief.  It\’s fast-acting and really works, so people have welcomed it with open arms and its ever-growing popularity is well deserved.

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