Dance Instructors Perfect the \”Cramp Roll\” Without the Painful Leg Cramps

If you tap dance,  the \”cramp roll\” is a popular move that requires extreme coordination and leg muscle action.  For most students that attend a dance class once or twice a week, the cramp roll doesn\’t seem like it requires much, but for a dance instructor wearing their muscles down day after day, the cramp roll tends to have a lasting effect long after the music stops.

If you ask dance instructors what they dislike most about their job, most will respond to \”painful muscle cramps\”.  The instructors suffer from muscle cramps due to their vigorous daily routine of pushing every muscle in their body to its limit.  Muscle cramps can be quite painful and long-lasting.  Many dance instructors have learned to deal with the pain, where others have decided to face the muscle cramp epidemic head-on by following regimens to minimize the occurrences in combination with natural muscle cramp remedies to ensure success.

A dance instructor\’s schedule is packed with students eager to learn, and it\’s difficult to take time out of their training routine to care for their muscles by stretching or rehydrating.  Many dance instructors have found muscle cramp relief by eating a proper diet packed with fruit.  In fact, most fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals.   Bananas are packed with potassium which tends to ease the muscle cramps that haunt dance instructors everywhere.

Unfortunately, the leg cramps usually start and continue long after the dancing has stopped and many instructors are nighly leg cramp sufferers.   This keeps them awake most of the night and affects their overall performance the next day.  In addition to their stretching and potassium intake routine, dance instructors have turned to a quick muscle cramp relief aid called Cramp911, and as the name suggests, it is an emergency cramp relief topical solution that is natural and fast-acting.

So whether you\’re trying to perfect the cha cha cha or teaching someone the cramp roll, keep in mind that muscle cramps are silently waiting for you to stop dancing so they can start.  You may want to be well prepared for winning the battle.  Create a plan and an emergency muscle cramp pack ready for battle.  Lots of H2O, potassium-packed banana and a bottle of Cramp911 which will help you, prefect, any dance move without the unwelcome muscle and leg cramp.

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