Leg Cramps, Muscle Spasm and Nightly Leg Cramps

“Charley Horse” Sufferers Find Immediate Relief!

Leg cramps are known as a “charley horse”, although short-lived can be quite painful.  The leg cramps occur when the muscle spasms or tightens in the legs suddenly.  There’s no exact reason as to why night cramps occur.  Experts cannot pinpoint the exact reason but have established many treatments that can assist sufferers in minimizing or treating the leg cramps when they do occur. One such treatment option is wearing compression socks, which have been found to help alleviate leg cramps in some individuals. Compression socks apply gentle pressure to the legs, which can improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, potentially reducing the occurrence or severity of leg cramps.

Various leg cramps sufferers have reported that their leg cramps occur because they have exhausted their muscles while exercising.  Actually, when a muscle has been sitting in the same position for a long time or overused or stretched for a long period of time, the leg cramps can also occur.  Lacking various elements such as Calcium and Potassium can be a contributor to this nightly sleep disturbance.  It has also been reported that not having enough H2O intake can dehydrate the body causing muscles to spasm and cramp up.

Many nightly leg cramps sufferers, unfortunately, have to try various methods of treating this painful condition before they can rely on one that truly works for their particular situation.  From stretching to warm baths and vitamins in between, one must try some if not all methods to relieve the agonizing pain that accompanies a nightly leg cramp attack.

Although many of these treatments can help in the long run many of them do not provide immediate relief which is most needed during a leg cramp or muscle spasm attack.  Some nighttime leg cramp sufferers have turned to medications that calm the nerves in order to find relief.  Unfortunately, many of the nerve-calming medications don’t just calm the nerves in the legs but can also have side effects that are unwelcomed.  A natural muscle cramp remedy was desperately needed by the public.

One East Coast pharmacist named Keith Delprete, a long-time leg cramp sufferer and a well educated professional in the field of medicine dedicated his career to developing a natural formula that is a fast-acting topical product without any side effects, his product has swept the nation quickly.  This product is a topical application that is applied directly on the cramped site and relaxes the muscles in seconds.  His instant muscle spasm relief product started selling at small pharmacies on the East Coast and has grown to nationwide distribution quickly with large carriers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and many other major drug stores throughout the United States.

The popularity of this immediate muscle spasm relief product gives us a good indication that we are not alone in this Leg Cramp world, there are many others that suffer right along with us.  It’s important for all leg cramp sufferers to follow a well-balanced regiment of drinking enough liquid to keep the body hydrated, stretching regularly when we wake up and at bedtime.  This natural topical solution for leg cramps and muscle spasms can help along the way by providing immediate relief for the nightly leg cramps, after all a good night’s rest may also relieve some of the stress we apply to our muscles that is causing the leg cramps in the first place.

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