Muscle pain relief stocking stuffers…Santa himself will thank you!

No one likes to feel body aches and pains but most of us including Santa himself has to deal with them from time to time. Usually, a few pain killers such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol will do the job. However, some of us aren’t that lucky and have to suffer from pain on a consistent basis.

In fact, many men and women live with pain all the time, due to an injury, a condition or simply overworking our bodies. One such example is the well-known “sciatica”. This is caused by trauma to the “sciatic” nerve. However, the nerve can get inflamed from tightening, pinching or any stress to the area (not necessarily a profound injury).

Sciatic pain can range “once-in-while” to “constant and painful”! Sufferers usually feel a sharp pain that starts from the lower back and shoots all the way down the back of the leg. Sciatica can be unpredictable with episodes of pain that last hours, days, or even weeks. This makes it hard to move around, sit in one place, bend and do any other physical activities.

Sciatica is said to be very hard to treat and many times strikes at a time when we can’t stretch or apply ice/heat. This is when we turn to over the counter pain medication, which, if taken often have adverse side effects. Pain relief patches are also a common go-to, however, those are known to cause skin irritation and leave behind sticky, glue residue.

While dealing with the Sciatica people tend to put more pressure on various muscles, causing those muscles to tighten and cramp.  While the Sciatica pain goes away they are left with leg cramps and prolonged muscle spasm pain to deal with.

This is why roll-on pain relievers such as Cramp911 is a perfect choice. This will not cure your sciatica but it can help with pain management in a safe and convenient way. A roll-on pain muscle cramp reliever is easy to carry with you and it absorbs quickly without leaving your skin feeling sticky or oily. If you know someone who suffers from sciatica or other muscle cramps and pains, why not give Cramp911 as a little something extra this year for Christmas. This goes well with new running shoes, gym clothes, and exercise equipment or as a stocking stuffer to make this holiday and New Year a pain-free one, even Santa himself might thank you for making it handy.

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