Your weight loss New Year resolution could lead to muscle cramps, arm yourself with relief for successful weight loss!

As countless polls have shown, weight loss tops the list for New Year’s resolutions. Various polls released by a range of sources state that about a third of all Americans want to lose weight for the upcoming New Year. Weight loss goals often integrate healthier diets, as well as more regular and rigorous exercise.

In order to lose weight and get fit, many people frequently choose running as a form of regular exercise. Running is easy, can be done almost anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothes. Yet, due to dehydration and colder weather during the winter, many runners experience painful muscle cramps as they run. Sometimes these cramps are brought on by muscle spasms, which can reoccur during one’s sleep: as most people become dehydrated as they sleep, sudden nightly leg cramps—also referred to as “Charley horses”—can painfully interrupt their sleep.

Muscle cramps result from involuntary and forcibly contracting muscles, which cannot loosen up. Cramps can harden the muscles and can last anywhere from a few seconds to hours. They are often caused by a lack of potassium in the body, as well as dehydration and ergonomic factors.

Although it would be impossible to eliminate muscle cramps entirely, there are ways to bring muscle cramp relief when you need it. Muscle relaxing lotions, such as Cramp911, can help bring relief to painful muscle cramps within a matter of seconds. They are also safe, can last for hours and can be used for leg cramps, as well as back and neck spasms, foot cramps and toe cramping, fibromyalgia pain and stiff and sore muscles.  Other precautions to take in order to avoid cramping muscles include stretching regularly, staying hydrated (and drinking at least one full glass before you sleep, as well as before, during and after exercising) and exercising on a regular basis. Sudden and unexpected increases in activities can lead to severe and painful leg cramps.

Muscle cramps are extremely common, and most people have experienced a muscle cramp at least once in their life. For those wanting to become more fit by pursuing outdoor activities and sports such as running or hiking, taking precautionary measures such as stretching properly before and after exercising, as well as regularly hydrating the body is essential. In addition, carrying muscle-relaxing lotion-like Cramp911 can help stop or diminish sharp muscle cramping pains within a few seconds.

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