There’s no running away from muscle cramps when you run

7 A.M, you are just about ready to push snooze when you hear the pitter-patter of feet pass by your house as your neighbor goes out for his early morning, 5-mile run.

When we think of runners we think of some of the fittest and dedicated athletes in the world. As easy as running may seem, it is definitely not for everyone. In fact, studies show that some people are more predisposed to be runners than others.

This is because running, although seemingly harmless is actually a heavy impact on your body. Running affects our lungs, our heart, and most major muscles and joints. When we run we are constantly displacing our weight from one side of our body to the other.

This causes added pressure to our knees, ankles, and feet. Although runners always seem healthy and fit, they may be secretly suffering from aches, leg cramps and muscles spasms caused by continuous stress on the areas.

For the most part, athletes and running enthusiasts are not keen on taking pain medicine. Plus, most anti-inflammatory remedies for cramp relief come with some side effects. Ibuprofen is not every easy on the stomach and can cause drowsiness, aspirin is not recommended for everyone and Tylenol is known to cause liver damage if taken in large doses.

For minor cases such as these, a topical muscle pain reliever is much more preferred. Topical cramp relievers, such as cramp911 are safe to use, long-lasting and usually relieve pain on contact instead of having to wait 30min for a pill to digest and work on the affected area.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a grade-A runner to use a topical cramp pain relievers. This is a great alternative for everyone. Whether you are on a work out the kick or just simply walked too far in very uncomfortable shoes. Don’t let cramps, pains and muscle spasms get the best of you.

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